Protective Cowhide Leather Fire Fighter Gloves

Protective Cowhide Leather Fire Fighter Gloves

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In a fire emergency, you need a pair of gloves that can keep up with the ever changing tasks you perform on the fireground every day. From forcible entry, ventilation, interior fire attack and overhaul, your gloves need to offer maximum protection while still offering dexterity and tactile feel all while providing maximum protection. Our Protective Cowhide Leather Fire Fighter Gloves are waterproof, steamproof and extremely comfortable and wearable. Theseheat resistant fire gloves will protect your hands and forearms from heat and flame as you maneuver to escape a fire.

The supple cowhide gloves are comfortable to wear and make it easy to pick up and grasp objects. The one-piece cowhide, suede leather stays soft when wet with low water absorption Lightweight and portable, with wide reflective strips, make sure these gloves are included in your fire survival bag.

The long gauntlet style cuffs have wide reflexive strips that will make you easier to see, while protecting your wrists and forearms.

These Protective Cowhide Leather Fire Fighter Gloves are professional grade and are worn during the activities of rescue, fire suppression, property conservation in buildings, enclosed structures, vehicles, marine vessels, or like properties involved in a fire or emergency situation.

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