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Emergency Communication Devices for a Natural Disaster


      During a natural disaster, having access to emergency communication devices can be the difference between life and death. You will need to access vital information about the conditions in your area, as well as to be able to communicate with family and first responders. Often, areas served by cellular phone towers are at risk of an outage, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. This makes having an alternative method of communicating with your family members vital. We have walkie talkies, solar powered radios, and, if you live in a small community, get a Car Horn with Siren to alert your neighbors to evacuate. Self charging, NOAA accessible radios are great to have to get up to the minute information about the emergency in your area. Having emergency communication devices in your overall survival plan could be one of the best decisions you make.

      Stay informed and connected during natural disasters with our emergency communication devices. Don't be caught without vital information or the ability to reach loved ones and first responders. According to experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, cellular phone towers are prone to outages during these events. That's why having an alternative method of communication is crucial. Trust our industry-leading products to keep you and your family safe.