About Us

Natural Disaster Survival Products

Natural Disaster Survival Products is a California-based company. We offer the best survival products on the market. Our Mission is to help people SURVIVE natural disasters. Having had to evacuate our homes numerous times as the result of rapidly approaching wildfires, the fear for the lives of our families was all too real.  Those life threatening experiences made us determined to figure out a way to help anyone survive wildfires, which have killed hundreds of our neighbors and fellow citizens. We aim to change that. Our primary product; InGround Fire Safety Shelters, are the ultimate protection against an otherwise inescapable wildfire. In addition to the Shelter, we offer an array of innovative products to help provide you with a fighting chance of SURVIVAL.

We welcome you to our store and encourage you to use our products as a part of your overall strategy to live with and survive a natural disaster. 


Janet and Tom