Power XP Portable Power Generators - Natural Disaster Survival Products

The Best Quality Portable Power Generators by PowerHouse Two


      When the power goes out, the safest and easiest way to safeguard medical devices, refrigerated items, Internet access and all other electronic devices are the Best Quality Portable Power Generators for home power outages, PowerHouse Two's Power XP® line of Portable Power Stations. No gas required and ultra quiet, it is a superior power solution over gas powered generators.

      The Power XP® SKA 2500, SKA 1500 and SKA 1000 are perfect to keep your home and office running. At 24 pounds, their portability allow you to easily take your Power XP® anywhere. Great for providing electric power when camping, off-grid living, or anywhere you need power. 

      The Power XP® DynaYak N-35 series of Waterproof Portable Power Stations are unlike any other power generators on the market. The N35 series is a landmark in form, function, and design. It is the only unit ever made that has earned the IP67 water and dust resistance certification. Even after full immersion in 3 feet of water, the unit performs flawlessly.

      Why is this important? The environmental conditions when you need power the most, could very well be the worst imaginable. Rain, snow, dust, smoke, debris, hazards from cold or heat, the list could go on. The DynaYak N35 series from Power XP® is built to take nearly anything thrown at it and perform every time.

      An investment in a Best Quality Portable Power Generators from Power XP® Generators is an investment in security and the protection of all the things important in your life.