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Fire Retardant Clothing and Protective Apparel


      Wildfires are lethal. Give yourself and your family a fighting chance to save their lives. All our Fire Retardant Clothing and Protective Apparel is top of the line and designed for firefighters. Check out what we have to offer in terms of effective fire protective apparel. 

      Our Fire and Heat Insulation Aluminized Fire Suit, jacket, boots, trousers and aprons are designed for people working in high-risk fire areas. We see it as a potentially effective way to help you evacuate when a wildfire is overwhelming you, so you can run to safety.  

      Amazingly, these products, with special insulation, can protect you from heat up to 1000 degree Centigrade (1832 degrees Fahrenheit). Important reminder: Flame-retardant fabric means that the clothes will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire. Injury is still possible if the suit is in continuous direct contact with flame.

      This Fire and Heat Insulation Aluminized Fire Suit jacket, boots, trousers and aprons, feature high reliability, high heat resistance and effective protection. Maintaining its own physical properties at high temperatures without shrinkage, brittle carbonization and melting.

      Other applicable applications for our Fire Retardant Clothing: Coal mines, oil wells, mines, chemical plants, oil depots, storage. Basically, any industry that has a high susceptibility to burn trauma. 


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