KSUN X-UV5RB Walkie Talkie
KSUN X-UV5RB Walkie Talkie
KSUN X-UV5RB Walkie Talkie
KSUN X-UV5RB Walkie Talkie

KSUN X-UV5RB Walkie Talkie

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Approximately one in four people in the United States live in an area served by cellular phone towers at risk of an outage caused by wildfires, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. This makes having an alternative method of communicating with your family members vital.

We recommend KSUN's X-UV5RB because of its dual frequency, dual segment and dual display. It also is helpful in calling for help with its bright flashlight and alarm (SOS) functions. We also like that it has has manual tuning (you even adjust the frequency though your keyboard). Its type-C charger supports fast USB charging. It even allows you to listen to FM radio to pass the time.

A Walkie Talkie is a two-way radio that can receive and transmit radio signals. It is designed for one-on-one communication and requires two or more similar devices to be tuned into the same channel in order to work. Channels are a way to partition a walkie talkie's radio's frequency, so that its user can communicate with multiple people without everyone talking over each other and having to worry about who talks when. A channel can be thought of like the radio's phone number. The KSUN's ability to manually tune, even through your keyboard, makes it family friendly. 

Package Includes:

2 Walkie Talkies

2 Batteries

2 Antennas

1 Manual

1 Charging Cable

1 Back Clip

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