Fire Escape Mask - Natural Disaster Survival Products
Fire Escape Mask - Natural Disaster Survival Products
Fire Escape Mask - Natural Disaster Survival Products

The Best Fire Escape Mask for Emergency Evacuation

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Smoke-inhalation causes more than 80% of deaths in a fire. Our custom designed, Fire Escape Mask allows you to safely escape a smoke-filled environment by eliminating the toxic gasses and particulates that can kill you. Our fire escape mask protects your head from heat and flame, and have a wide viewing window so you to have a clear view of your environment.

You can deploy the fire escape mask in seconds:

1.  Simply open the box

2.  Tear open the vacuum sealed pouch

3.  Remove inner and outer canister plugs

4.  Place over your head and tighten the straps.

Our custom high-performance fire mask smoke hood provides you with 60 minutes of protection against dangerous smoke and toxic gases.  Combine with a fire blanket and fire retardant boots for further protection from damage to your body.

In a home or wildfire, every second counts. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind they deserve. Keep a fire escape mask in your kid's room in case of house fire, and in your Go-Bag in case of wildfire. Great to bring in your carry-on bag when flying, should a fire break out in the cabin.

Please note: smoke masks are one-time-use and should not be removed from vacuum packaging before use to avoid activating canister.

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