The Best Fire Resistant Jacket 1000C
The Best Fire Resistant Jacket 1000C

The Best Fire Resistant Jacket 1000C

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The best fire resistant jacket is our 1000C (1832F) Aluminized Fabric Jacket. Made with high quality craftmanship, this jacket will protect you from high-temperature splatter and flame. This jacket is fire proof, water proof, anti-heat and radiation proof. Use in combination with our other 1000C products, and protect your body from painful injury.

The 1000C (1832F) Aluminized Fabric Jacket is suitable protection in the following environments: * Metallurgy, Construction, Metal Cutting, High temperature smelting, kilns * Automobile Processing, Smelting, Metal, Glass Blowing, Firefighting * Welding, Metal stamping work, Cast Iron, Steel, Metallurgical Forging * Glass Manufacturing, Boiler, Aluminum, Casting and other industries etc. * Oven, Cooking, Baking, Pot-holding, Grilling, BBQ, Fireplace, Campfire.

The Best Welders Jacket 1000C is a versatile protective layer designed to provide ultimate protection in a variety of extreme temperature environments. Its unique aluminized fabric offers superior protection against flame and high-temperature splatter, as well as water, heat, and radiation. This apron is the perfect choice for workers in the following industries: metallurgy, construction, metal cutting, high temperature smelting, kilns, automobile processing, smelting, metal, glass blowing, firefighting, welding, metal stamping work, cast iron, steel, metallurgical forging, glass manufacturing, boiler, aluminum, casting and more. It's also suitable for oven, cooking, baking, pot-holding, grilling, BBQ, fireplaces, campfires, and more. 

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