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PowerHouse Two's® 120W Solar Array Solar Panels

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All of PowerHouse Two's® portable power generators can be charged with solar panels, allowing for completely off-grid power generation. PowerHouse Two's® Solar Panels connect to the Anderson connectors on the units face using the conversion cable supplied. The MC4 plug will interface with virtually any solar panel. For faster charging, you can hook up multiple solar panels simultaneously, (up to 500W) using the optional solar expansion cable and additional solar 4 panel kits. 

(SKA line power connection to Solar Panels).

 Don't forget, your 120V folding solar panel can charge the unit while you are using it!

(N35 and N35-N connection for solar input).

To use, unpack and open the solar array and position in the full sun. Attach the cable on the solar panels to the supplied cable and plug it into the four-pin input plug on the unit. 

(SKA 1000, SKA 1500 connection for solar input).

Charge time: 10 hours with one panel set. You can daisy chain up to 5 sets and cut charge time to 2-3 hours!

To "daisy chain" multiple solar panels to combine their power up to 500 watts of input, use the solar expansion cable set. You can buy Solar 4 panel kits here.

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