image of the Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit, which is red, and has the Natural Disaster Survival Logo on it. Surrounding the red backpack are the items in the backpack which includes a solar powered radio, emergency sleeping bag, emergency poncho, emergency tent, solar powered power bank, flashlight, first aid kit, electric blanket, fork knife and spoon set, blowup mattress, usb lighter, emergency whistle, cottonelle wet wipes, fire escape mask and hand warmers.
Yellow AM/FM radio/flashlight/NOAA band/SOS alarm
Picture showing both sides of a power bank with detailed description of each component..
Photo of a led rechargeable flashlight charging an iPhone.
Photo of a fire escape mask from Natural Disaster Survival Products.
Photo showing a two person survival tent, a survival poncho, and a survival sleeping bag.
Photo of a Pacoone brand inflatable mattress.
Ad for a Filterwell Water Filter, the written description explains how the product works.
Photo of a folded up plush usb electric blanket with a USB cable on the top.
Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit - the Best Go Bag for Families
Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit - the Best Go Bag for Families
Photo of a swiss army knife style fork, knife, spoon, can opener and cork screw.
Photo of a first aid kit. One image shows the kit when it&
Photo of a USB chargeable lighter.
Photo of a hand holding a survival whistle, with a background of mountains.
Photo of the Momma Bear Survival Essentials Kit with a Natural Disaster Survival Products logo. The backpack is bright red.
Interior view of the momma bear survival essentials kit from Natural Disaster Survival Products.

Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit - the Best Go Bag for Families

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Our Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit has the fundamental tools your family needs to thrive during an evacuation, that's why it is the best Go Bag for families. Whether you are going to a shelter, or to the outdoors, we've included tools that work together to keep your devices running, off-grid, to keep you warm, provide clean water, protect you from the elements and much more. Our bag is pretty comprehensive, but if you need help or customization, please call us at (888) 877-3475. We are here to help!

Included in the kit are:

1. Solar/Hand Crank AM/FM?NOAA Radio to help you stay informed when cell towers are out. Also serves as a phone charger, flashlight, and reading light.


2. Solar Power Bank. Charge up to 6 devices at once. Also serves as a flashlight. Charging cables connected. Your ability to stay connected to your phone, email and texts are essential when trying to communicate during a crisis. 
*Colors may vary


3. Rechargeable Flashlight. Waterproof, High Intensity Flashlight and Phone Charger


4. Filterwell Reusable Water Filter allows you to remove contaminants from a questionable water supply.


5. Fire Escape Mask provides 60 minutes of clean air when evacuating from a fire because 80% of people who die in fire, die from smoke inhalation. 


6, 7, 8. Survival 2 Person Tent/Survival Poncho/Survival Sleeping Bag to keep you sheltered and warm. 


7. Mattress with Foot Pump because sleeping on the hard ground is very difficult.


 8. Electric USB Blanket. Use with the Power Bank.


9. 228 Piece First Aid Kit. An assortment of products to aid in treating common injuries.


 10. 180 Decibel Survival Whistle, to attract attention when you need help.


11. Fork / Knife / Spoon / Can Opener / Cork Screw


12. 360° Arc, Windproof, Flameless, Plasma Ignition Lighter, USB Chargeable

Our Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit MOLLE Backpack is made of high density fabric that is durable and water-resistant, this backpack is double-stitched, with heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls. It also has a side and front load compression system. The ventilated mesh padded back area and shoulder strap allow for breathability and comfort.

Our Momma Bear Go Bag Essentials Kit has a roomy interior and easily carries the essential items, and leaves you will room to carry a food supply of your choice, or you can choose to have us include food supplies for you. The weight of the bag without food is approximately 20 lbs.

If you prefer to create your own Momma Bear Go Bag, or add products to this Go Bag, you can do that too. Then customize your go bag by exploring what we have to offer, and include the items you want to add to your kit.


Product Specifications for 45 liter Backpack:

red momma bear survival bag bug out bag 45 liter backpack only

Product Specifications:
Material: Highly durable, water-resistant nylon, double stitched, heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pull.

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