The Best High Temperature Heat Resistant Boots
The Best High Temperature Heat Resistant Boots

The Best High Temperature Heat Resistant Boots

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Wildfires are extremely hot. Protecting your feet is essential when trying to escape. If you don't protect your feet, you can be stopped in your tracks at the worst possible time. That's why we offer the best, High Temperature Heat Resistant Boots with steel bottoms and toe case for the best protection. Your sneakers, sandels, etc. won't stand a chance when the ground is in flames, but these boots will get you where you need to go to escape.


Sturdy, Composite Aluminum Foil fireproof material. Comfortable flame retardant cotton lining with steel cap. Non rubber, insulated soles. These amazing boots are able to protect you from heat up to 1000 C. 


High Temperature Heat Resistant Boots are fireproof and protect against radiant heat. Able to handle short time flame contact. Waterproof, anti oil, anti puncture, anti slip, etc.  The boots are easy to slip on and off, and won't weigh you down as you walk or run. Also great for welders, metalurgists, fire fighting, and glass makers.  

Additional Applications: 

These boots are also used in high temperature environments, such as steel manufacturing, glass production, metallurgy, pottery and porcelain workplaces. We have many happy customers that use these boots in these types of high-heat, high-flame, work environments. Feel free to call us for bulk orders and discount pricing (888) 877-3475.

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