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Hendrx Air to Water Generators (AWGs) the best AWG on the market

      It's official, we are the #1 seller of Hendrx Air to Water Generators in the world because we sell air to water generators at a price you can afford.

      Hendrx Air-To-Water Generators (AWGs) are one of the most important and innovative products in our catalog because they safeguard access to clean water against contaminations, disruptions, drought, and climate change. Hendrx AWG's provide pure, drinkable water by taking the moisture from the air, putting it through a multi-filtration process, and generating delicious, drinkable water.

      Hendrx is the premier line of AWGs in the industry. The multi-filtration process cleans both the air and water, assuring you that the water you drink is pure and free from contaminants. You can also use the easy to install mineral pack, included with each product, to provide the healthy minerals that exist  in pure mineral water.
      Here's how Hendrx AWGs can provide a completely off-grid solution for water generation:
      • forget bottled water, you are free from worrying about the source of your water and plastic waste.
      • the filters remove all the dirt from air or water
      • the system also uses a UV lamp to destroy microorganisms and decomposes harmful chemicals.

      We sell the complete line of Hendrx AWGs. Please browse our machines and find the one that best suits your needs. Our water cooler models generate up to 30 liters a day, and can provide hot or cold water, and our industrial models can produce up to 5000 liters per day.