Top 5 Natural Disaster Products Every Home Needs

Are you ready to face an unanticipated emergency? Have you thought about what you’d like to add to a natural disaster kit or emergency preparedness and first aid kit?

If not, now is the time to review natural disaster products online for your home and family.

1. Fire Escape Mask

A Fire Escape Mask offers 60 minutes of clean air if you have to evacuate from a fire. This item is an essential must-have product, as most people who die in a fire die from smoke inhalation. So, make sure your Go Bag includes the mask or a mask for each person in your family.

2. Survival Kit and Emergency Flashlight

Every family should have several survival flashlights. Flashlights are also sized for children. The Survival Flashlight resists impact and is waterproof as well. Besides being helpful at home, the beacon is ideal to use when you hike or when you camp.

It features a bright white light as well as a red light mode for SOS emergencies. You can submerge this amazing lighting source in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Just one less thing to worry about when you’re facing an emergency or you’re scared of the dark.

3. Emergency Flood Barriers

If you live in a flood-prone area, you need to buy flood barriers. They can save your stuff from water damage and all the expenses that can affect you in the aftermath of a flood. Press the L-shaped barriers into the ground. They provide a ballast against rushing and rising waters.

4. Sealed Fire Blankets

Another must-have item are sealed fire blankets for the home - perfect for home use as well as a take-along item on camping trips. The handy blankets are sized 1M x 1M. Place them near fire sources inside and outside the house. Whether you live in a wildfire area or in an urban location, these blankets are important items for people to have during a fire.

5. Evacuation Go Bag Food and Emergency Preparedness Supplies and Equipment

You certainly can’t bypass the need for a go bag if you and your family must evacuate your house. A Go Bag Essentials Kit has all the basic tools your family needs when you’re forced to escape your home. The brand, Momma Bear, features comprehensive go bags that are great natural disaster product choices.

Go Bag Essentials and Hygiene Supplies for Your Survival Kit

A solar/hand crank AM/FM NOAA radio, so you can stay informed when cell towers won’t work. The radio also serves as a flashlight, reading light, and phone charger.

A solar power bank. This power bank can charge up to six electronic devices at one time. You can also use the bank for seeing in the dark. If you’re involved in a crisis, you’ll have a way to email and text, or communicate via your phone.

Rechargeable flashlight. This light source is high-intensity and waterproof. It also serves as a phone charger.

A water filter. A filter is necessary, as it gets rid of contaminants in the available water supply. The branded Filterwell water filter features an ultrafiltration membrane filament. Ultrafiltration (UF) uses membranes with pore sizes that range from 0.1 to 0.01 micrometers. The low-pressure membrane used for the filter treats water, removing  solids, bacteria, proteins, and colloidal substances - all particles that can compromise  water sources and supplies.

A carbon fiber ball in the filter absorbs organic matter, microorganisms and bacteria. The carbon fiber ball has a high capacity level for low concentration parts per million (PPM)

Fire escape mask. Kits also include a fire escape mask. A mask offers 60 minutes of clean air if you have to evacuate from a fire. This item is an essential must-have product, as most people who die in a fire die from smoke inhalation. So, make sure your Go Bag includes the mask or a mask for each person in your family.

Other Go Bag Survival Products and Supplies, Including First Aid Emergency Supplies

The go bag also includes a mattress with a foot pump, an electric blanket that you can charge on the aforementioned solar power bank, and a fully-stocked first aid kit.

Kits also contain a 2-person tent for an outdoor shelter, survival poncho, and a survival sleeping bag. An 180 decibel survival whistle is included as well. By adding the Go Bag to your must-have natural disaster  product list, you’ll have far more than 5 products to keep you safe and more comfortable during an emergency.

More Important Items to Include in Your Survival Kit

Don't forget personal hygiene supplies or pet supplies if you have a pet. Soap and toothbrushes should be included for family members and kibble for your dog or cat among your list of basic supplies. Your emergency preparedness and survival kit should cover all your needs with respect to food, Red Cross medical supplies and medical equipment, backpack, rain gear, and diapers for infants.

You might even take Red Cross training in first aid and CPR.

Also, make sure you have a place that is made to protect your important documents, such as insurance policies and bank info, from severe weather which is easy to carry. A cross body bag may be used for transport.

You should stock enough personal hygiene items to last a couple of months and a day by day supply of non perishable foods that will tide you over for a couple of months. Non perishable food items include products such as canned soup, spaghetti, or chili, trail mix, instant pudding, cookies, sesame seeds, or nuts. Have garbage bags on hand in your survival kit for cleaning up your food messes.


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