Top 10 Must-Have Items in Your Survival Kits for Natural Disasters

Every year across America thousands of people suffer temporary or even permanent displacement due to natural disasters. Whether the disaster is a wildfire, a tornado or a flood, the unpredictable nature of the elements means that society is not as safe as people like to imagine.

Keeping survival kits in your home is a very affordable and proactive step you can take in order to feel prepared for many types of disasters. But what kind of kit is the most important for your particular circumstances?

The answer to this question depends on many variables. Where do you spend most of your time? What types of disasters are most common in your region? Are you a rugged outdoor enthusiast or are you more accustomed to the amenities of indoor life?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what type of survival kits to put together and what equipment is necessary versus what you can leave out.

Your Go Bag: The Survival Gear You Need In an Evacuation

A properly designed go bag should contain everything you and your loved ones need to survive a few days if you are ever forced to evacuate from your home. At a bare minimum, it should contain necessities like water purification, sleeping gear, fire starting equipment, a first aid kit, and some form of communication.

For the most complete survival kit, consider the Momma Bear Go Bag from Natural Disaster Survival Products. This kit contains high quality equipment that meet all of the above requirements.

Water Purification

Of all the survival considerations, drinking water is among the most important. Dehydration makes your body more vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses and injuries, but drinking unclean water is even more dangerous than going thirsty, as contaminated water can contain pathogens or even poisons.

The Momma Bear Go Bag contains the Filterwell Water Filter, which is capable of quickly purifying large amounts of water even from questionable sources. With this in your go bag you will be able to be confident that you are prepared for survival even after your water bottles run out.

Sleeping Gear

Staying warm and dry overnight when you are displaced is a huge challenge and there are many competing types of equipment on the market. How do you choose the right gear to ensure that you will be able to get good sleep during one of the most stressful and exhausting times in your life?

The Momma Bear Go Bag contains a two person tent, a compact sleeping bag, and an air mattress with a foot pump. This last may seem unnecessarily luxurious, but it is surprisingly functional given the tiny amount of space it takes in the go bag; especially if you are forced to evacuate in cold weather, having an insulated layer between your body and the ground is vital to maintaining stable body temperature.

This kit also contains an electric warming blanket to supplement the compact sleeping bag. It allows the thin sleeping bag to do a much better job keeping you warm by adding electrical heat, and can be powered by the solar pack that is also included in the go bag.

Fire Starter

In order to properly clean and dry dishes and equipment, cook food, and stay warm, being able to light a fire is very important. Available products for this purpose vary widely in bulk, weight and ease of use.

The Momma Bear Go Bag takes a direct approach with an arc fire starter that weighs virtually nothing, takes up very little space and is super easy to use. It can be powered with the solar power pack and can be used to easily light tinder.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the most important components of your go bag. the other equipment in your survival kit will not be much use if you are suffering from an infected wound or a broken bone.

The Momma Bear Go Bag includes a kit with all the necessities for treating minor injuries, in a rigid water resistant case.


a portable radio is a valuable resource. From emergency directives to weather forecasts, they can be used to receive invaluable information that will help you be ready for next moves.

The Momma Bear Go Bag includes a solar or crank powered AM/FM radio to help you understand the full scope of the natural disaster.

Shelter In Place: Your Home Survival Kit

If the disaster you face does not necessitate evacuation, or if you find yourself trapped and unable to leave home, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in your survival and in the survival of your home. Quality gear can take a situation that would be very dangerous or even fatal and create a favorable outcome.

Trapped By Fire: Equipment For Surviving the Worst Case Scenario

If wildfires are a possibility in your region you will benefit from having extra equipment in case you need to stay put while a fire passes nearby.

A flame retardant suit can add substantially to your safety if you have to travel or work near an active wildfire.

Heat resistant boots are invaluable both during and after a wildfire or house fire, allowing you to move more safely while the ground is still smoldering.

A fire shelter is the last resort if you believe that your immediate surroundings are going to be burned and you have no other way to escape. This single use shelter is designed to be easy to carry and quick to deploy. The reflective, heat resistant material will keep the person inside at a survivable temperature while the worst of the fire passes by outside.

Of all your survival kits, the one for fire is preparing you for one of the most terrifying situations imaginable. Make sure you are prepared to deal with the most destructive force of nature.

Flood Survival Kits: Be Ready For Rising Waters

If you live in an area where flooding is a possibility, whether flash floods from an overflowing river or storm surge from hurricanes, there are many ways to prepare your home as a safer place to shelter.

Flood barrier kits are an ingenious addition to any home survival kits. They will help keep the waters from overwhelming your property, allowing your home to be safer, your food preps to be less vulnerable to destruction, and your family to be safe and dry.

In addition, it's important to have your preps stored in water resistant or waterproof containers. Your gear and consumables can be quickly destroyed or lost if they are washed away.

Time Is Your Friend: Assemble Your Survival Kits Today

All the ideas and plans in the world won't help you in an emergency if you haven't acted on them. Start budgeting today to begin the process of putting together your survival needs in case the worst happens.

Sit down and figure out a quick view of your most vital preps based on likely disasters. Start with a go bag, as many of its contents will be valuable whether you evacuate or shelter in place; From there build up the extra gear that will be necessary under different circumstances.

Whether your survival plan includes camping, fortifying your home to shelter in place, or having your car packed and ready to go, the right tools and high quality survival gear will make all the difference in how you come through the next disaster that shakes your world.

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