The Lesson I Learned From Hurricane Ian

Lesson Learned

We moved into our newly purchased dream home in North Port, Florida two months before Hurricane Ian made a direct hit.  We decided to ride out the storm in our new home because the walls were made of concrete and we felt that we were far enough inland that we would be fine.

The Category 4 storm was unrelenting for hours, and it tore off pieces of our roof which later caused portions of the interior ceiling to collapse. There was devastation for miles, everywhere, which led to the power being out for 9 days. Within that time mold began to form behind walls, ceiling panels, flooring, and kitchen cabinets – all of which had to be ripped out and taken down to the studs.

If only we had known about the existence of the Powerhouse Two's® DynaYak N35-N Waterproof Portable Power Station, we could have prevented the mold by keeping the power on for the house HVAC, dehumidifier and fans. In addition, we could have kept our refrigerator and computers (my wife and I both work from home) running.

What I love about the Powerhouse Two's® DynaYak N35-N Waterproof Portable Power Station is that it can be kept charged and recharged by connecting the PowerHouse Two's® 120W Solar Array Solar Panels, making this power station less expensive, less dangerous and much more convenient than a traditional gas fueled generator.

In addition to being waterproof, it is also dustproof and shockproof and works in the most extreme weather conditions. 

While the fear and inconvenience perpetrated by this mega-storm was unprecedented in our lives, so too was the nightmarish process of filing insurance claims for mold mitigation, hiring a public adjuster, paying contractors to raze and rebuild portions of the house where mold grew ever so fast.  All of this heartache and mind-numbing expense could easily have been avoided had we been able to keep the power on to keep air circulating to help eliminate the threat of creating an environment in which deadly black mold was able to grow and spread. The Powerhouse Two's® DynaYak N35-N Waterproof Portable Power Station would have avoided that big mold problem.

Bottom line is that now we will be ready for the next hurricane season.

Tom T in North Port, Florida. Co-Founder of Natural Disaster Survival Products

PowerHouse Two DynaYak N35-N Waterproof Portable Power Station
PowerHouse Two DynaYak N35-N Waterproof Portable Power Station
$4,200.00 $3,995.00

Powerhouse Two, an innovator in portable power, now introduces the Power XP® DynaYak Waterproof Portable Power Stations. A much-needed solution and an essential part of the portable power family. These state-of the-art devices are designed to give you years (50,000 hours!) of reliable power when you need it the most. The DynaYak N35-N works at temperatures ranging from -4F to 122F.

The Power XP® DynaYak N-35-N and its’ extreme brother, the Power XP® N-35, are landmarks in technological design. They are the only portable power stations ever made that have earned the IP67 water and dust resistance certification. Even after full immersion in 3 feet of water, the units perform flawlessly. Why is this important? The environmental conditions when you need power the most, could very well be the worst imaginable. Rain, snow, dust, smoke, debris, standing water, hazards from cold or heat, the list could go on. The Power XP® DynaYak N-35-series is designed to take anything thrown at it and perform every time.

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  • Phyllis Sullivan

    We are avid campers and really like spending time off-grid. I can run multiple appliances, like my Instant Pot, fridge, lighting and fans, plus charge my phone and laptop. This thing is a workhorse. Highly recommend.

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