Essential Items Checklist for Your Natural Disaster Kit: Be Prepared for Anything

If you want to be prepared for any emergency, it is important to know what items, exactly, you'll need in case a fire or natural disaster occurs.

Drawing Up a Checklist for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Making a checklist is the easiest way to ensure you are fully prepared.

In fact, what you include on a checklist in the form of natural disaster kits and items will help you feel more confident in case of an emergency.

6 Major Items to Include on Your Checklist

Let's take a quick look at some individual items you should include on your natural disaster checklist:

1. Flood Barriers for Your Disaster Supply Kit and Inventory

The flood barriers you choose should be U.S. Flood Defense System flood barriers. You can press the L-shaped barriers into the ground and lean them against adjacent panels for optimum flood control. The ballast they provide increases the seal they create against flooding.

2. Survival Bracelet 

The brand Tread bracelet is a great piece of jewelry, as it features 29 tools, including wrenches, hex drivers, a cutting hook, socket drive, and screwdrivers. The stainless steel bracelet is built to last a long time.

3. Sealed Fire Blankets for Your Emergency Kit

These nicely sized blankets work well when used near fire sources inside and outside your home. They can also be used as a fire tent for protection from flames. They come with an easy access orange cover.

4. A Large and Water-Resistant Survival Flashlight

This waterproof and impact-resistant flashlight shines a bright light, so you can see easily in the dark. It also includes a red light mode for SOS emergencies. Whether you need it for camping or survival, this specific light source will help you even overcome a fear of the dark.

Plus, don't worry about rain storms or floods, as this light can be submerged in three feet in water for as long as 30 minutes at one time. No one should consider making up a kit without this invaluable beacon.

5. Ready-to-Eat Foods and Cereals

Remember the words, "ready-to-eat” and -travel-friendly” when you add foods in your emergency disaster kit. Examples of foods you'll want to include for your family are ready-to-eat canned vegetables, fruits, and meats, fruit or protein bars, granola and dried fruit, nuts, or dry cereal.

6. Evacuation Go Bag - A Practical Kit for the Other Major Items in Your Survival Kit: First Aid Kit Supplies and Food

You can make things sampler by buying a Go Bag disaster kit under the Momma Bear brand. Let's look at some of the great  items included in this evacuation bag and kit.

Emergency supplies in your go bag and emergency preparedness kit include:

  • A solar/hand crank AM/FM NOAA emergency radio with bright flashlight, reading light, and charger for your phone. You won't have to worry about communicating if you have this must-have evacuation and natural disaster electronic.
  • A solar power bank for backup power and for your ease in charging up to six electronic devices at one time.
  • A rechargeable, waterproof, and high-intensity flashlight with phone charger - you can never have too many flashlights.
  • A fire escape mask that gives you 60 minutes of clean air during an evacuation.
  • A mattress with a foot pump and electrical blanket that you can charge with your solar power bank.
  • A full inventory of items in a first-aid kit.
  • A two-person capacity tent with a survival poncho for battling cold and rainy weather, and a sleeping bag and warm blanket.
  • A 180 decibel survival whistle.
  • A change of clothes - shirt, jacket, slacks, and socks, all that you can carry in your backpack.
  • A 10 day supply of pet supplies along with household essentials and basic items such as duct tape, rain gear, and shampoo.
  • Garbage bags for cleaning up perishable food waste.

More Items You Don't Want to Forget

A fire extinguisher is another one of the emergency preparedness supplies that always comes in handy in a basic kit.

Personal hygiene items like soap and toothpaste are just as important as first aid supplies like bandages and antibiotic cream.

You'll also need emergency preparedness supplies such as extra batteries, and basic supplies for the family in your makeshift shelter, such as personal sanitation items and diapers.

If you have to deal with severe weather, you'll also need emergency reference materials such as a first aid book if you're traveling with a backpack.

What to Ask When You're Planning a Kit at Home: Determining Storage Requirements

What you choose in a disaster kit, to be used for evacuation, can be categorized under specific classifications. For example, you need to ask the following question:

Will the items I need fall under the category of fire protection, evacuation solutions, clean water solutions, electric power solutions, or tools and equipment?

Once you answer the above question, you'll better know what to choose in a radio or in protective coverings, such as plastic sheeting or fire resistant clothing. You also don't want to forget certain essentials such as gloves.

What you choose in a pair of gloves for family members will depend if you plan to use them for protection from weather extremes or fires or when traveling through the brush.

Add a Portable AWG in Your Emergency Kit for Water Purification and Better Personal Sanitation for Your Family

One of the must-have items for a kit are clean water solutions.

Therefore, a table-top air-to-water generator or AWG is one of the innovative water solutions you'll want to try. This device is also called an atmospheric water generator, and provides a no-hassle and satisfactory way to maintain a cold or hot water supply.

Choose a Hendrx Portable AWG

The brand, Hendrx, makes this compact but powerful AWG for anyone seeking a supply of drinkable and clean hot or cold water with no need to connect to the grid.

Go Large Scale When Choosing an AWG

You can also buy a large scale Hendrx AWG if you're involved in a natural disaster but do not have water inside your home.

Rebuild with Confidence after a Tornado

You can even order a modular shipping container home in case your own home is destroyed after a fire or tornado.

Maintaining an Electric Power Supply to Access Utilities

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, you also have to consider your power supply. This is important to consider if you want to keep items refrigerated, stay online and protect your electronic and medical devices. That's why the choice of a portable power generator should not be taken lightly.

Powerhouse Two Generators

The brand, Powerhouse Two, offers excellent power solutions that allow you to maintain your power supply without the need for a gas-running generator.

A Certified Product Against Water and Dust

Moreover, you can find lightweight power stations that are certified against water and dust. Even if the generator is submerged in three feet of water, it will still operate. Whether you're dealing with dust, snow, smoke, rain, or heat-related or cold-related hazards, your power generator will keep everything up and running.

Keep a Lantern on Hand - Just in Case

Just in case, you have to leave your place or still don't have electric power, you'll need a lantern to light the way.

In Conclusion

Be ready for anything. Know what you'll need in case of an evacuation or an unforeseen emergency. Think about what you can use in a disaster preparedness kit. Make sure you choose food and water solutions that will help get you through any type of disaster with added confidence. 

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