Flood Barriers Model FH83-L

Flood Barriers Model FH83-L

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How to order your U.S. Flood Defense Systems for your property. Measure the perimeter of the area that you want to protect from flood. Decide what shape would work best for your needs.

U.S. Flood Defense Systems consists of a straight main barrier section that is supplemented by 30 degree curved pieces (Inward and Outward), allowing you to create a customized line of defense against floods. Curve Barriers enable installation around obstacles and can change the barriers’ direction and shape. For example, if you need to turn around a square property, each Outward or Inward Curve section creates a 30 degree outward or inward curve. 3 curve sections connected creates a 90 degree turn. If you need to handle an L-shaped configuration, use two Inward Curve sections at the inside of the “L”.

U.S. Flood Defense Systems are designed to be deployed rapidly. Each barrier weighs between 6 and 21 lbs, allowing nearly anyone to move sections into position. The locking mechanism is easy and intuitive, allowing for deployment of approximately 3 sections per minute, or roughly 15 minutes for 100ft of flood water protection. When standing behind U.S. Flood Defense Systems barriers, each barrier has a female receiver at the bottom right of the barrier and a male connecting tab on the bottom left. Each barrier also has a female receiver at the top right and a male connecting tab on the top left. To connect panels, simply tip the newest barrier at an angle and insert the bottom male connecting tab into the female receiver. Set the panel down and press the male connecting tab into the female receiver.

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